Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Bum Files - #001

Welcome to "Tameeka Time"

Ok....Some of you blog lovers may not know this but in New York City there is huge homeless community.

Too many people ignore this problem and we all should be aware that these bums are aggressive mean old men and women - they harass a lot of people for no reason.

I'm not being insensitive.

But, for some strange reason I get harassed by bums all of the time....

So in my defense...I blog about it ("The Bum Files")

I would never fight/argue with a drunken, piss smelling, old man or lady but I will snap a few photos of them with Blackberry :)

Here are my (3) latest photos from The Bum Files:

(I call this collection "Nap Time")

File Name: Nap Time

Location: Nostrand Avenue (Brooklyn)

Time: 10pm'ish

Bum Mood: Sleepy

*More to come blog readers!


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