Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fast Food Nation Rental

For almost a year now I've been apart of that online Blockbuster movie rental fad.

So every week I get to see a new movie :)

And I know there are haters out there that think Netflix is better,,,,

But!! With Netflix you do not have the flexibility of trading the mailed movie for another movie at a local blockbuster store for FREE!

*ok enough promoting*

Last week I watched Fast Food Nation. This film was entertaining and informative.
I was constantly reminded that America is a fucked up place, big corporations just do not care about customers, and that immigration is still a huge problem. Great movie. I expected it to be more on the documentary end as opposed to a scripted movie with a huge top notch cast such as Bruce Willis, Wilmer Valderrama, Greg Kinnear, Luis Guzman, Patricia Arquette, Avril Lavigne, Ethan Hawke and many many more.

But overall I'd recommend this rental.

~Ok blogreaders,,, every week I will try to rate the movies that I see and instead of using stars to rate the movie I will rate the movie with shoes (b/c I can not help myself I'm such a girl)

*drum roll please*****

Fast Food Nation receives:
3 open toe - pumps

1 comment:

  1. Finally a rating system I can relate to. I have seen the movie, I eat red meat about 3times a month. But no way am I eating ground anything, lasagna,burgers, meatballs. Stay away from fast food 99cents ??? poor cows I cried.


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