Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lumpy Scary Ewwww.... afternoon a fellow blogger (Candice of and I were chatting and just looking through some sites and we often check out ( b/c we are secret geeks for computer gadgets and we came across this pillow....

This "pillow" is called a light mate (I'd prefer a person but heyyyy ....who am I to judge?)
anywayz... Matt Buchanan reports that: "NightMates are "soft anthropomorphic pillows and warming lamps" that are supposed to keep you company (and comfy) at night. They come in different sizes, depending on how much anthropomorphic love you need..."

LOL!! whoa! I thought I had issues...

But I can definitely see the purpose of this product....this pillow is supposed to fill the void of the human absence and it even heats up like the human body..

I'm so 50/50 w/ this pillow...
(1) I could not take my eyes off of the above image b/c I can not figure out what the hell this looks like...

(2) Do we really need to buy pillows that replace humans...human interaction is already dwindling..why keep it up?

But finally,,,,,I came to the conclusion that "light mate" looks sorta like a long string of poop (alien poop even)

hmmm...maybe I'm crazy but check out what some people said on the gizmodo site about the freaky pillow

And check out Candice's blog!

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