Sunday, September 21, 2008

When strippers attack... wait I likey!

After browsing some video podcasts on itunes I came across a show titled:
Stripper Method. It's a video podcast about 2 female strippers who've retired. They are now mothers, business owners, and house wives but still want to keep up and share their stripping skills. I've only watched 2 episodes so far but I think the show is great!!
The format is well thought out and entertaining...did I mention they promote stripper shoes on the (this was a little awkward for me but "hey" some one's gotta promote those shoes)

The podcast is not just for guys -- the show is somewhat well balanced where ladies aren't completely grossed out by 2 strippers but feel as though they are getting great tips on how to be even more sexier... Out of the 2 hosts the blond is the most charming (hah! do blonde's really have more fun?)

But anywayz,,, I checked out the main website for the show: Vegas Undressed and was directed to this awesome site with other Sin City related podcasts (G Spot, That Show, and Vegas Cabbie)

Whooooohoooo party time for my ipod! :)

Check out a clip from the Stripper Method podcast:

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