Thursday, October 2, 2008

Movie review time!

Last night I watched one of my Blockbuster rentals.
This week's movie: "The Namesake".

My goodness what a touching film by director; Mira Nair.
Nair also directed one of my favorite movies; "Hysterical Blindness" (great movie!).

Ok back to The Namesake -
There were a few times I cried (I tried to hide it and not seem like a wuss but there were so many heart grabbing scenes).
*And no I did not watch this movie alone - I just realized how sad that must sound lol

There were a lot of themes in this movie that almost everyone could relate to whether it's your relationship with your parents/siblings, acknowledging self awareness, love, religion, faith, pride, ahhh everything...

*I'm not saying that this movie was the greatest of all time - but it was refreshing to see such a well thought out and entertaining movie.
I'm not going to spell out the movie for everyone but I will say (2) things about it:

(1) I loved the storytelling of the Bengali man and woman moving to America and the adjustment to this new land and on the flip there was a progressive story of the couple's son and daughter adjusting to their parent's beliefs and values.
(2) It was great to see Kal Penn (Kumar of "Harold and Kumar") as a serious character in a movie.

I give "The Namesake" 6 pumps (that's the highest rating)

Check out the trailer and rent this movie :)

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