Sunday, October 19, 2008

Reality TV - Have we gone too far?

These days I really don't get a chance to watch television and the one time I sit down and flip through some stations I come across the title: "Sex with Mom and Dad"

Right away - I start watching and I think to myself since this is on MTV it has to be some sort of reality show.

It's a half hour show and it's basically a forum for teenagers and their parents to share details about their sex lives.

I think reality TV has gone overboard.

So because MTV says it's okay for you to tell dad that your favorite sexual position is doggy style - is that what other teens must now do?

On the other hand, this may open up better relationships for some families (but not all).

How awkward is it to find out (on national television) that your teenage son or daughter is having unprotected sex in your home?

In the episode I watched a Texas teenager named Tiara revealed that she's been having unprotected sex with her boyfriend for a long time.
The parents cried, the daughter cried, and then a therapist was consulted.
(ohhhh that's so typical right?!)

Later in the episode, the family sat together and shared stories about their sexual past, present, and future :/

Check out this clip from that episode:

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  1. ahhh too much info to share wt parents,, i wouldnt wanna know what my kids are doing in detail,, ahh.. lol -C


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