Sunday, November 30, 2008

I hate crocs...and you should too

Ok.. many of you have seen people walking around with these funny looking plastic shoes with holes in them.
Don't get me wrong...wear whatever you want to wear but my question to those is: "why"?

Some people say that these slipper/shoe things are comfortable...but the truth is they are not!

And for those of you who do not know what crocs are look below:

Crocs are "started in 1999 as limited footwear in the US. Initially, the company targeted products to water sports enthusiasts, but the comfort and functionality of the products appealed to a more diverse group of consumers who used the footwear for a wide range of activities."

During the summer months, people walk around with these things like they are ready for water sports. They look ridiculous.

I was highly disturbed the other day when I was crusin' through blogs and saw these photos:

Who would wear these at their wedding??!?! omg! isn't your wedding day special? why ruin it?


And to top things off....there are winter crocs :'(

The good thing is while I continued my blog stroll, I discovered that I'm not the only person who hates crocs :)

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Or check out and share this youtube video titled:
"Cuttin Crocs"

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