Thursday, November 20, 2008

Red Lobster

This weekend I went to Red Lobster with a close friends and his kids.

I was reminded of a few things:

#1) OMG! Why is the wait always so long at the Red Lobster on 42nd Street Times Square?

#2) Is Red Lobster considered ghetto? I can't really say if it is?

#3) Red Lobster has the best biscuits ever!!!!!

#4) Their mixed drinks are awesome - lot's of liquor :)

Ok. I'm not trying to rate Red Lobster but I had to blog about an issue that came about while ordering food.

My friend was speaking to the waitress - placing an order for his kid from the kids menu - he was then told that fruit juice was an extra charge... we both looked at the waitress when she said this.
She re-capped that the kids meals only come with soda's.
Why would the entire drink menu for kids contain every soda in the world and virgin type mixed drinks....

The food comes, the kids are eating and my friend grabs a french fry from one of the kids' plates and omg the turned out to be some salty ass french fries...

shame shame shame Red Lobster..... shame on you :(

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