Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Good Day Shopping & The Spice-Girls Man!

The other day I went shopping with one of my bestest friends and came across a few items - check them out:

#1: "The Notebook"

I saw these sneakers and giggled... they are kinda cool and I know if I had them I would eventually write on But I'd never buy these things....

#2: An amazing band at the Broadway Lafayette train stop...

These guys rocked the train station! I didn't get the name of the band because my train was arriving but the guy on the right with the pajama pants was an amazing singer.

#3: Spice Girls Man!

I finally made it to the A train - I had to take the F train to the J train to the A train! It was a long commute but I finally made it and as I sat down and made myself comfortable I noticed a man across from me carrying a bag - it was not just any ole' bag. It was a bag with a photo of the spice girls..

Yes....a grown man was carrying a spice girls bag around...and what made it a lil more suspicious - he was with his mother ...

I tried to get a good photo without being too obvious and managed to get a pic of the bag and his shoes.

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