Friday, January 16, 2009

The Most Uncomfortable Thing of The Week (1/16/09)

I was riding the train the other day and came across these seats...
I remember them from back in the day and what I actually remember is not liking the design of these chairs/seats.

Who can really sit on these? And why are they still around?

Someone needs to remove these chairs from Rockaway BLVD and where ever else they may be.

And to the readers of Tameeka Time - I'll be posting up "the most uncomfortable things" everyyyy Friday!


  1. lol,, i just remember it when it came out being the stupidest design ever,, yet the fucking mta made it seem like they were "modernizing the system",, so they go and try to reinvent "sitting down"..instead of spending their recources to reinvent "getting to work on time". i couldnt believe that they still have these around.

  2. Tameeka! I had the pleasure of experiencing this kind of seating on Christmas in the Port Authority. I was waiting to take a bus up to New Paltz and the provided us with the same kind of bench. It wasn't too awful, but as a rather short person I found my feet couldn't not reach the floor properly and was thus sitting on a very odd angle for about 20 minutes or so. WTF


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