Friday, January 30, 2009

The Most Uncomfortable Thing of The Week (1/30/09)

Ok. I support the whole new dance craze scene and for the past few years artist from the south have been all over it.
BUT!!!! I think we all should move on and stop using the same beats and let's try something new.
Check out this video by G-Spot Boys called "Stanky Leg"

Here are my problems with this whole video:

#1 - Why are guys dancing on cars!? (I don't get it)

#2 - Why is a grown ass man dancing on top of some one's house?
a. this is not cute!
b. I bet this guy is standing on his mother's roof and had to wait until she left for work so he could film this scene

#3 - If you are going to be in a music video... (kid in the white shirt at time code 2:52) please put on some sneakers, do not dance in your house slippers!

#4 - Just look at the guy dancing in the purple "outfit" at 3:09 wtf dude? you know there is only one Elephant Man out there and it's not you!!

#5 - arghhh at the whole thing!

Source: C&D

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