Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Working during the holiday's

This past Christmas holiday I got a chance to edit with my favorite artist, Chris Cortes.

We managed to complete 3 videos and post them up to YouTube .

AND!!!! I'm very excited that we were able to upload our work.... in High Definition.
(Well 2 of the 3 videos)

It was a great experience to work with Cortes again.
He 's very talented and he has so many great ideas.

What made these videos even more special is that I had the opportunity to film them (I did not film them over the break - this footage was filmed during the summer)
So you guys get to see my shooting skills...lol

And another great lil tid-bit about these videos - is that all of the music was created by Chris.

Check them out below. Give feedback. Give Shout outs. Show some love. <3

*You can also check out all of my vidz on my YouTube page:

Tameeka's Youtube Page

*And check out Chris Cortes' work at: Cortes Creates & Cortesnyc's Youtube Page

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