Thursday, February 26, 2009

Basketball, Films, Concerts, & All that good stuff

I feel like I had such a packed week and it's only Thursday!

On Monday night - I went to a Knicks game! whooohhooo!

I actually stopped being a Knicks fan since John Starks got traded many years ago....can you tell that I'm a John Starks fan? But in my opinion basketball itself just lost some kind of fire back in 2000. And can you believe it, I got a chance to see Mr. Starks!
He now works for the Knicks and that night he received some kind of check related to Black History!!

I was unable to get a clear photo of Mr. Starks but here's a throw back photo of when I met him a few years ago :)

On Tuesday, I had a quiet and cozy night and managed to watch a movie. It was an Alan Ball film (he wrote American Beauty) about an Arab American girl who has the worst parental situation in life and is discovering sex at age 13.

This movie had a lot of intense situations. The main character "Jasira" is molested by her mothers boyfriend, raped (unknowingly) by her racist neighbor played by Aaron Eckhart (yes Two-Face in The Dark Knight), and later continues to have sex with her black boyfriend that her father hates.

I kind of enjoyed the movie because it expressed that there are a lot of perverse things happening all over that people may sometimes overlook especially when it comes to little girls living in single parent homes or living under strict cultural or religious upbringings.

But what I didn't enjoy is that there was no happy ending...I'm a sucker for happy endings :(

Check out the trailer:

Then on Wednesday, I was taken to a film screening of a documentary titled "Estilo Hip Hop"

Estilo Hip Hop is a doc that tells the story of hip hop's rise in Brazil, Chile, and Cuba. There are 3 characters (Guerrillero Okulto, Eli Efi, and Magia) followed throughout the film. Their stories are amazing and they are all so humble and they all have a true sense of what hip hop is. I really enjoyed the filmmakers decision to include the artists' families and how they live.

I snapped a quick pic of the people behind the film during the Q&A

Check out the trailer and the Estilo Hip Hop official website for screening dates and locations.

I saw this film at 92Y Tribeca - a very nice spot for films and open mic nights.

Thennnnn.... I hopped over to Webster Hall to see the Youtube sensation: Kina Grannis.
She's an acoustic/pop singer guitarist. I've seen many of her original songs which she has performed and posted up on youtube and it was great to see her play live. The best part of the show was her performance with her sister.... check out some of her vids and youtube page.

And this is a photo of Kina last night performing.

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