Friday, February 13, 2009

The Most Uncomfortable Thing of The Week 2/13/09

  • #1 - This kid is a dad - he's 13 years old. Yes I know shit happens but he looks like a baby himself....whoa!

Source: Guanabee

  • #2 - This lady has been called "Octopussy" which I think is hilarious!! She just gave birth to 8 babies....yes at one time.... this photo is very uncomfortable....

  • and so is her interview....
  • She's a hott mess....she's claiming that Angelina Jolie inspired her to have all of these babies...and her baby daddy is not around because he's "overwhelmed"....LOL!! I would be too......
  • Now....I just have 1 question.... "how did this lady find time to get her nails done?" Isn't she tired? She needs to stop meeting with her PR reps and lay down!

Source: TMZ & Youtube

  • #3 - And because it's Friday and I love to laugh.....look at this drunk man on the beach trying to put his pants on ..... LMAO!!

Source: The Run Down

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  1. That child is a baby daddy? My god the world needs a do-over. He doesn't have to cognitive ability to understand that the baby needs to be fed, not taken to chuck E. cheese.


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