Friday, March 27, 2009

The Most Uncomfortable Thing of The Week (3/27/09) - "Babies Daddies"

Happy Friday Blog Readers....

I wanted to follow up on a post I did back in February. It was part of the "Most Uncomfortable Things of The Week" section.

It was about a 13 year old kid named Alfie Patten. Alfie was a new dad and I was shocked out of all hell about this - I know shit happens but they showed the kid playing video games and talking about taking care of this baby with the allowance his parents give him.

Well,,,,, it seems that this kid IS NOT THE FATHER!

The 15 year old mom was said to have been sleeping around and ended up going Maury style and getting a DNA test and this proved that she couldn't mooch off of young Alfie's allowance anymore.

It is also said that 15 year old Chantelle Stedman is not sure who the real father is.

Ladies! Please keep a calendar! Google has a great one - you can type in who you slept with and even color coordinate it :) It's 2009!!! Why do people still not know who they're babies daddies are???

TameekaTime feels really bad for this baby (no not the mom or dad) but the baby that was born into this crazy situation with the media involved and her ho-bag mama. And I really really hope this beyotch does not get a reality show for being a cunt.

Source: Geekologie


  1. The other day I was burping my baby while I had a cig dangling from my mouth. Also I was riding a unicycle backwards up a descending escalator. So what? Can't a mom be a mom while enjoying her high?


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