Tuesday, March 17, 2009

'Oh Joy' ..... Divison

I started surfing through my google reader and came across a youtube clip of Morrissey performing last night in New Jersey.

There's no limit to how many times I can listen to "How Soon is Now"

So I watched that clip - then youtube'd more Morrissey videos, then watched some of The Smith's videos, then finally I youtube'd Joy Division...

ohhh how I love Ian Curtis' crazy arms and legs.

My Day was just Made

*Can't stop smiling*
My drooling starts around 2 minutes into the video :-p


  1. Tameeka, in 1983 my father was murdered, dismembered, boiled & flushed down the drain by British serial killer Dennis Nilsen. I am posting on the murder at the moment and thought you may be interested???

    If not, excuse me for disturbing you.

    Best wishes, Shane.

  2. Tameeka, I didn't even comment on your blog... it was a little rude.

    If you're into the Manchester Indie scene you must find the DVD 'ShadowPlayers'. It's a wonderful documentary of all the bands and characters from that time. It's really worth seeing. Also, have you seen the film 'Control'?


  3. Hi Shane, I just checked out your blog - it's pretty intense - I will def. keep reading.
    And thanks for the suggestion on Shadowplayers - I'll see if I can find it and yes I have seen Control and loved it!!!


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