Monday, March 16, 2009

Silly Silly Youtube

I promised myself that I would not blog about or even mention this whole Chris Brown and Rhianna drama mainly b/c I just don't care about how these rich children act.
But wow so many people are making money off of their story for instance this silly game that was created called Chris Brown Hit by Brick.
It's very myspace ad'ish where your just moving the cursor around to score points....barf!

Ok I hope you do not feel like you just wasted 28 seconds of your life because it get's better....

This game and a few others were posted up on youtube and some one posted a comment saying:
"md6ft (4 days ago) hiting a woman is racist. what should we do praise him for what he did. he is not black, white, or brown. he is trash."

And another user responded to the above comment with:
1. Women are not considered a race. 2. Why would you acknowledge anyone for praising this guy. 3. He's clearly not white. 4. He IS trash.

I respond with: LMFAO! b/c the first comment is just ridiculous! Why do people feel like they HAVE to leave stupid comments on youtube?

Here's another great one for the road:

qtpiecutie (20 hours ago)

D=< he is to DAMNNN sexy 4 dhat she shouldnt of slaped him like a bitch and he shouldnt of EVER put his hands on her unless she had a knife or gun or something life-threatning....but he is still FINE but she's a NUT so the only sulution is....FOR HIM TO DROP HER AND COME TO ME...RAYCHELLE =)

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