Thursday, April 30, 2009

Party Super Party - KATG Week

On April 15 I had the wonderful opportunity to see comedian Keith Malley perform his annual stand up show... Even though, I listen to Keith every single day this event topped my month.

Keith's show rocked!!!! The whole place was on fire! Everyone was drinking, laughing, and having a great time.

I got some footage from that night and I'm only going to give you a lil tiny tiny taste of his stand up show....

And later that week ... I got to sit in on a live audience Keith and The Girl show! I was pumped to see Keith and Chemda live! Once again ... the audience/fans were on fire! Everyone was drinking,, having a good time,,,, and just enjoying the lil community that we all are apart of.
I was only able to get a few photos that night - check them out and be sure to check out Keith and The Girl's podcast.... my favorite podcast!!!

I am still pumped that I finally got to meet:

Patrice, Sexy Potatoe, Newsy, and all the other fans :)

KATG Live 2009 :o
Chemda & Tameeka Time

Keith & Tameeka Time

Jesse Joyce & Tameeka Time

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You can't make me.....

Here are few pics that I've come across on the internet and on the streets..... they are just plain ole' ridiculous..... For each photo I had the same exact reaction which was "no! you can't make me _ _ _ _"

#1 -

I do not want to chat live with Jared Leto....What does anyone have to say to him? I don't care about your band!! If this were the early 90's helllllz yea I'd chat with you... but no I don't want to talk to you, I'm too busy twittering.

And someone please tell myspace to stop it!! Stop telling me that Beyonce doesn't want a baby...that's up to her...she's grown - she can do what she wants!

#2 -

This photo was taken in the Lower East Side (NYC)..... do I have to spell it out for you? lol no thanks..

#3 -
I saw this advertisement out in Montauk..... it reads: "We replace your old Kai Kai's for $30 and donate it to the homeless"

LOL!! Why would the homeless want used flip flops? I know it seems like a good idea but please stop it!

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------#4/5 -

These last 2 photos are from one of my favorite blogs: -- The photo of the jeans --- that's just silly..... I would imagine that they are maternity jeans gone wrong (I hope!) lol but the handmade condoms!

NO THANK YOU!!!!! "MR. J!"

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Meres' Birthday Party Super Party!

This year I attended a birthday party for graff artist Meresone. It was held at a bar right near 5 Points in Long Island City Queens ----- the vibe was cool, the bar was packed, there were graff artists, freestylers, chicks, drinks, and blackbooks. A dope night.

Check out my flix from the party and if your interested in a blackbook freestyle video I filmed & edited go to my youtube page: Cortes Blackbook Freestyles @ MeresOne's Birthday Party

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Back on Track....

Happy Saturday blog readers....

I've finally gotten myself together and I'm back to blogging....

I spent a few days in Montauk Long Island ---- I'd been there before but this time was even more special....

I got to hang on the beach and hit up some of Montauk's superb restaurants.

I highly recommend "SHAGWONG TAVERN"! The service was a lil wacky (due to the restaurant being over packed with families) but the food was the freshest on the island and they have an amazing curry seafood dish.

As for the beach situation, this was my first time ever being on a beach when it was not hot out. The weather was cold but it was sunny and that's the only reason I didn't freeze up but it was very surreal to be surrounded by so many people having good times in the cold on the beach.

There were a bunch of kids there digging holes, burying toys, checking out sea shells, and making crazy ass

Montauk's definitely a place to relax, I recommend everyone just drive out there even if it's to check out the giant light house -- it's only a few hours away from the city.

Check out my photos and check out this video I created of Cortes sketching, it's part of his black book series... check out this vid, his other blackbooks, and art work at: Cortes Creates

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tameeka Time Update

Montauk Sunsets

Hello Blog readers....

I just came back from vacation and recorded a lil video on the beach.
I spent some time in Montauk LI.
I had a great trip with some people I love.

I have a packed week coming up - and I didn't want to go a week w/o reaching out to everyone.
Check out my lil video and see ya next week.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Kaiju Big Battle Experience

Check out my very first Kaiju Big Battle Experience....
I created a lil video showing all the fun I had last Friday in Brooklyn

Shout outs to: Chris Cortes, Paigey, Andrea & the rest of the crew

Monday, April 6, 2009

Fun Filled Weekendz!

This past weekend was so unforgettable!

It all started with a quick train ride to Greenpoint/Williamsburg Brooklyn. I had the pleasure of experiencing a Kaiju Big Battle.

Kaiju Big Battle is defined as "a modern conflict of epic proportions.......maniacal villains, ominous alien beasts, and gigantic, city-crushing monsters who are fighting for control of the globe....."

Basically it's men in giant costumes, wrestling around w/ cardboard buildings. It was sooooo much fun to watch!

I have a video that'll be posted up this week showing you guys what Kaiju is all about.

On Saturday, I had so much fun at a friends birthday party.... the celebration was for one of the greatest graff artists' eva; Meres - we had such a party super party - the vybe was reallll sweet.
It was at a bar in LIC right next to 5 Pointz.
Lot's of booze, black books, and freestyling.

I have a video coming up for that too.

And on Sunday.....I accompanied Chris Cortes to a photo shoot.
A photographer named JJOne came all the way from Paris with his lovely translator Twine to shoot some NYC artists and Chris was one of the artist being photographed.
They got some great shots of Chris doing a charcoal piece. I'm also in some of the photos since I was there filming.

The best part of the day was that we were not only with a photographer but we were on set for Day 26's music video. Chris' long time friend Daniel Hastings was directing the video.

It was great to see everyone from the shoot crew, to the guys in Day 26, the models, and Dawn from Danity Kane going crazy over Chris' art.

A video for Chris' photo shoot will be up soon also.



Here are the answers to the KATG Crossword Puzzle.

I hope you enjoyed this. Be sure to come back to TameekaTime for more puzzles and check out KATG's podcast show.

-TameekaTime ("The Black Tameeka")

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tameeka Time on KATG!

Check out this clip - Tameeka Time was plugged on my favorite Podcast (KATG).

The hosts actually did my crossword puzzle on air.

It's really good to hear that people enjoyed the puzzle and I really appreciate the feedback.

Thank you Chemda, Patrice, & Keith for showing my lil blog some love :)

Podcast: Keith & The Girl - Episode 931 - Title: Act a Fool

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