Saturday, April 25, 2009

Back on Track....

Happy Saturday blog readers....

I've finally gotten myself together and I'm back to blogging....

I spent a few days in Montauk Long Island ---- I'd been there before but this time was even more special....

I got to hang on the beach and hit up some of Montauk's superb restaurants.

I highly recommend "SHAGWONG TAVERN"! The service was a lil wacky (due to the restaurant being over packed with families) but the food was the freshest on the island and they have an amazing curry seafood dish.

As for the beach situation, this was my first time ever being on a beach when it was not hot out. The weather was cold but it was sunny and that's the only reason I didn't freeze up but it was very surreal to be surrounded by so many people having good times in the cold on the beach.

There were a bunch of kids there digging holes, burying toys, checking out sea shells, and making crazy ass

Montauk's definitely a place to relax, I recommend everyone just drive out there even if it's to check out the giant light house -- it's only a few hours away from the city.

Check out my photos and check out this video I created of Cortes sketching, it's part of his black book series... check out this vid, his other blackbooks, and art work at: Cortes Creates

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