Thursday, April 30, 2009

Party Super Party - KATG Week

On April 15 I had the wonderful opportunity to see comedian Keith Malley perform his annual stand up show... Even though, I listen to Keith every single day this event topped my month.

Keith's show rocked!!!! The whole place was on fire! Everyone was drinking, laughing, and having a great time.

I got some footage from that night and I'm only going to give you a lil tiny tiny taste of his stand up show....

And later that week ... I got to sit in on a live audience Keith and The Girl show! I was pumped to see Keith and Chemda live! Once again ... the audience/fans were on fire! Everyone was drinking,, having a good time,,,, and just enjoying the lil community that we all are apart of.
I was only able to get a few photos that night - check them out and be sure to check out Keith and The Girl's podcast.... my favorite podcast!!!

I am still pumped that I finally got to meet:

Patrice, Sexy Potatoe, Newsy, and all the other fans :)

KATG Live 2009 :o
Chemda & Tameeka Time

Keith & Tameeka Time

Jesse Joyce & Tameeka Time

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