Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You can't make me.....

Here are few pics that I've come across on the internet and on the streets..... they are just plain ole' ridiculous..... For each photo I had the same exact reaction which was "no! you can't make me _ _ _ _"

#1 -

I do not want to chat live with Jared Leto....What does anyone have to say to him? I don't care about your band!! If this were the early 90's helllllz yea I'd chat with you... but no I don't want to talk to you, I'm too busy twittering.

And someone please tell myspace to stop it!! Stop telling me that Beyonce doesn't want a baby...that's up to her...she's grown - she can do what she wants!

#2 -

This photo was taken in the Lower East Side (NYC)..... do I have to spell it out for you? lol no thanks..

#3 -
I saw this advertisement out in Montauk..... it reads: "We replace your old Kai Kai's for $30 and donate it to the homeless"

LOL!! Why would the homeless want used flip flops? I know it seems like a good idea but please stop it!

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------#4/5 -

These last 2 photos are from one of my favorite blogs: Failblog.org -- The photo of the jeans --- that's just silly..... I would imagine that they are maternity jeans gone wrong (I hope!) lol but the handmade condoms!

NO THANK YOU!!!!! "MR. J!"

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