Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Weekend Memories ... Part 2

My Memorial Day Weekend story continues....

On Saturday... I got invited to a friends bbq in Far Rockaway Queens. This wasn't just any ordinary bbq... this was a time to enjoy old friends and break the routine. My friends and I usually meet up in the city after work, and we are usually tired from a long day and just on a mission to spend a few hours then go home and rest. Even though,,, it was a lil hard for some to get to the bbq because certain trains weren't running, but it was worth it because we actually got to sit outside, share stories, dance, bond, eat delicious burgers and just laugh (something we haven't done in a while).

This bbq was not just for Memorial Day but a graduation celebration. My friend Jennifer graduated from Stony Brook University.... a school that I would visit every other weekend....I'd usually visit just to have fun, get out of the city and clear my mind from work, school, bad relationships, and other mood blockers.

I did not attend or graduate from SBU but I can defiantly say that my visits to "The Brook" enhanced my overall college experience.

*Cheers to good friends... and old memories....

Then ..... on Sunday....

I got invited to a roof top bbq by the awesomest DJ Twrexx and graff master Cortesnyc..... it was a friend of a friend's bbq.

This bbq was a change from Saturday's ... this time I was on a roof with 2 down ass friends and others that I've met here and there but never really hung out with ... there was a lot of beer,,, cigar smoking,,, and cool times.

Memorial Weekend Memories ... Part 2 from Tameeka Ballance on Vimeo.

This rooftop was in Greenpoint Brooklyn and it faced an amazing view of Manhattan... ahhh this view was to die for ... imagine... sipping on a Corona .... smoking a vanilla flavored cigar .... and watching the sunset over beautiful Manhattan .... just blissful ...
(I'm a sucker for sunsets....)

*Cheers to new friends .... new possibilities .... and more sunsets

On Monday.... I finished putting together a video with Cortesnyc. Earlier this year he participated in a graffiti all star tour in Puerto Rico. The footage is dope and I'm really happy with the out come of this graff video. The tour lasted a few days and with all this footage Cortes decided to break up the videos into a 6 part series. Check out Cortesnyc's PR Graff Tour Part 1:

Finally, later that evening I went to see Star Trek.... I really enjoyed it... I kept hearing that it was a fun movie to watch... and I totally agree... there were scenes that had me on the edge of seat.... I am in no way a fan of the show or the old movies but this one was very entertaining.

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend.


  1. What's up with shorty in the white top @ first bbq, what dance was she dancing lol, two totally different BBQ but looks like u enjoyed them both, it shows how diverse you are. You are pretty, smart and u dance soca, sounds to me like a keeper. PS your blog always makes me laugh.

  2. LOL...why thank you... the girl in the white @ the first bbq is a dear friend of mines...named Kelly... and she was doing the "this is why I'm hott" dance :)


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