Thursday, May 14, 2009

Viva Patshiva: A Must See

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of going to see Viva Patshiva.

First, Viva Patshiva means "Long Live The Party!"....
(who doesn't like to party)

Secondly, Viva Patshiva is a Gypsy Rock Opera....

And, finally if you have free time this weekend be sure to check out the show! This week sadly marks the end of their performances but it's so much fun and so worth seeing!

It's not your typical opera! The cast makes you laugh, cry, and get out of seats!

I really had a ball just watching the gypsies dance!

I was extremely impressed by one of the stars of the opera; Chemda Khalili.

*Note: I am not being bias because I listen her podcast Keith and The Girl everyday,,, but its such a different experience watching her act and sing.

She has such a powerful voice. One of her solos made my eyes water.

And the best part of it all is that,,, by the end of the show I danced with the cast, learned a few gypsy steps, had some free beer and wine, and got a whole new outlook on Gypsy Rock!

Here's the info if anyone wants to check it out:
(It's worth the experience)

Viva Patshiva @
The Interart Theatre
500 West 52nd St (at 10th ave)

Also, check out this video clip from the show (I had to show them a lil "Tameeka Time" that night)

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