Monday, June 29, 2009

Beer, Liquor, & Burgers...

Happy Monday Blog peeps....

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend...

Here's a lil recap of mines...

On Friday night, I just relaxed and watched tv. It's something I needed to do. I had to get away from the internet and away from all of the Michael Jackson music videos and news coverage.

I did stay away from all the popular channels and luckily I got to see a lil Degrassi, some west indian music videos, and all the shenanigans that's shown on BCAT (Brooklyn Community Access Television).

On Saturday I spent the day with artist Cortes editing and making music for our latest video project. (That video will be posted up soon).
It was really a productive day.

I was so grateful to be inside since the weather sucked later that evening ... I filmed a lil bit of the rain .... I thought the footage was cool...

And on Sunday, I headed out to Queens to check out Keith And The Girl's "Burger Off"... ahhh I had such a good time, I got to film a lil, watch them do a live show, there was so much beer, liquor, delicious burgers and good times.

I ate so much yesterday I was still full this morning... :-/

Here's some pics from The Burger Off.

And if you want to hear the podcast episode about the Burger Off .. go to it's the episode titled; "Burger War"

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