Thursday, June 11, 2009

I just had a "Zack Attack"

Whoa... I just had a Zack Attack... someone please hold me......

I was looking through some entertainment sites and came across this video of Mark Paul Gosselar (Zack from Saved by the Bell) on the Jimmy Fallon Show...

OMG! Mark so looks the same!!!
He looks so young!
It's probably just a lot of make-up or maybe he's a natural California blond beachboy.... *drool*
Ah.... or maybe it's really CGI....lmao..... but all jokes aside

To all the SBTB fans out there you'll love this clip....

Wow! I think that just made my day.... and while we're on the subject of Saved by the Bell here are 2 of my favorite scenes from the show .... the best and most popular scenes of all seasons

****After spending so much unnecessary time on youtube seeing all of these Saved by the Bell mash-up's.... I came across some one's re-enactment of "Jessie's Song" ... the comments are hilarious... AND!!! I saw this video of the AC Slater/Zack Morris fight with a Dominican voice over........ What do you guys think?

This video was labeled: "The Dominican Sav By The Bel from the makers of Platano con salami"


  1. The episode where Jessie becomes addicted to pills was one of the best shows on television. The confrontation between her and Zack was truly moving.

  2. That is hilarious !!!!!!!!!


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