Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Most Uncomfortable Thing of The Week 6/19/09

For the past week my train rides have not been so good.

I love New York City but I really think the trains are getting to me.

A week ago I rode the F Train Queens bound around 8 in the morning. It was a bit crowded.
I figured I'd be sensible and not stand near the door because that just blocks people from entering and exiting the train.

So I moved into the middle of the train. There was a semi-empty pole. This pole had a woman attached to it,, she was sort of hugging it. There was really no where else I could have stood so I squeezed my hand through the pole and her body and said "excuse me." She proceeded to hug the pole and just looked at me.

This situation just made me want to blog my lil heart out about how ridiculous some people are while they are on the train.

Here are 3 simple rules that everyone should follow while riding the New York City subway trains.


RULE #1: Do not hug the pole. If the train is crowded and people need somewhere to stand and something to hold on to, be considerate and share the pole. It does not belong to you!!! (See example below... and yes that's my hand near that ladies face)

RULE #2: Be aware of personal space. I understand that people get comfortable and they do not like moving around on the trains. But we all should be aware that people need space.

i.e. Last Sunday I was on a crowded 7 train going to Flushing and this woman decided to practically sit on top of me so she could squeeze into an available seat. I had no problem with that. But I did have a problem with her still sitting very close to me even when the train emptied out. (Have a look at the photo below...... there were available seats in front of us, to the left of us, and to the right of us.... but she decided she wanted to stay near me)

RULE #3: Do not sit on the train floor. Goodness! I know people are exhausted but do we really need to sit on the floor? AND! if you do decide to sit on the floor, do not sit directly in front of people.

i.e. Last week while riding on the A train Manhattan bound. This man decided to have a seat on the floor leaning against the interior door. This man sat in front of me, limiting my leg space, and his face was not too far from some ladies derriere. (See photo below.)

Please people be considerate and use common sense when riding the trains.
And those are my 3 simple rules to making a train ride more delightful.


  1. fucking awesome post!ahh,, this one is a lil entertaining slice of reality.. and i KNOW there are soo many more crazy train stories that you cant document.. -Cortes


  3. we all know and have encountered them....ha! as i was reading the blog, i was hoping that meeka will show a picture to illustrate the pole huggers. if ya old and short i understand, but if you have the capacity to hold tight to a pole without having to suffocating it, c'mon. muchos props meeka for stating the obvious but not really the obvioius...i'll be on the look out for them. much love! ren


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