Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Most Uncomfortable Thing of The Week 6/26/09 - "Bling Bling"

The other day I was blog surfing and some bling bling photos hit me in the face!
I saw these photos and literally shook my head..... have a look:

Maybe there's something I'm missing but... why would you wear a chain that says: FAKE ASS CHAIN ?

Arrested much?
Also!!! Please sir pull up your pants!

LOL! This is so unattractive! And I can't imagine the smell that comes out of that thing! :'-(

What ever happened to just gold chains and rings???? ... the good ole' days....

I'm trying to understand why people wear all of this unnecessary jewelry but from the looks of things these men are getting out of hand.

During my research of "bling" people are turning everyday items into "chains" i.e. ipods, crayon boxes, eye patches, video games, and video game controllers. .... I wonder how far people will go with this? SMH at it all.

Photo source: Google

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