Thursday, July 9, 2009

On the streets

I recently stumbled upon a link to the site Epoch Times....

And look at who showed up on their website...... I totally forgot that I did a street interview that lasted about a minute.

Back in April, I was walking out of work one night and this guy looked at me and politely held up his camera. He asked softly, "Can I interview you? It will take a few seconds."

I immediately started adjusting my hair and I told him sure.

I know how hard it is to get people to participate in a project when it comes to filming or taking photographs.

This little interview reminded me of how there are times that I feel very comfortable being the person behind the camera instead of being in front.

So, this online reporter named Ross LaHive asked me:

Should President Obama let all American's fly directly to Cuba?

My response was:

'As long as it's safe, I would like to go. I hear that the landscape and the people are beautiful there.'

Back in April, President Obama started making steps to end restrictions on Cuba Americans traveling to and from Cuba.

Hopefully, the next time I am faced with an "on-the-street" interview I'll be less nervous and better prepared.

You can see the full article and others answers at Epoch Times Q&A

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