Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blog about a blog.. about a blog.. about a blog

For the past few days, I've actually had some down time and I've been able to "surf" the Internet again... I've even gotten re-acquainted with my Google Reader.

The other night on my hunt for new blogs to read,,,, I hit gold....

It's a clever, well written blog about a woman's outlook on the quirky little things that her new husband does.

From the first post I fell in love..

This blog is "right up my alley"
since I'm more drawn to personal/life blogs more than entertainment blogs.

And most of the articles feature topics that almost anyone can relate to.

The post that I recommend is titled; The Green Sweater ... you'll be sure to giggle.

And I know.. it's so corny to blog about a blog... but I'm hooked and I like the drama.


  1. what i like best about this blog is that it is like a countdown to divorce ---am i morbid or does this woman realize that listing what annoys her about her newlywed husband is not really a positive thing and in fact may come up as evidence in couples counseling or something

    ..for her marriage she should annotate every post with something she loves about him

    ...for our entertainment-- bitch away bitch you'll be cheating in no time!

  2. Green sweater so my fave. Hilarious!


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