Friday, August 21, 2009

Learn how to Massage Your Cat

This video is just silly. It's an instructional video on giving a proper cat massage. If you've owned a cat or had any contact with a cat you and I both can agree that there's but so much "massaging" a cat will let you get away with. After you watch it check out my comments below...

  • Why does this lady keep switching back and forth from her real cat and her stuffed tiger?
  • At 1:14-1:18 did she just say that the cat might shuffle her out of the door? huh?
  • LOL @ her "drooler" joke (1:43)... that was funny
  • Personally I am a fan of the "breast stroke" and "belly-rama"
  • Is the cat high? Did she drug it?
Ah... so many unanswered questions....


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