Thursday, October 15, 2009

Different Styles...

Throughout the last 5-8 years I've had so many different hair styles.
Once I started college I guess I had some kind of hair revelation. I no longer wanted just perm (straightening) my hair. Plus I had a few mishaps at certain hair salons in Brooklyn. One woman at a Dominican salon said she would just trim my edges and she ended up cutting my hair very short. I remember crying and being so upset (this also happened at an African American salon). So now I am very weary of people cutting my hair.

But I had to deal with it and I decided that I would experiment with my hair. So I dyed my hair, curled it, had full weaves put in, got pony tails, corn rows, braids, I even had a sort of Mohawk thing at one point. I did a lot.

Here are a few pics I dug up with all the different hair styles I've had.

What are your thoughts? Which one did you like? I love them all. But my favorite hair style has to be the curly braided style. My hair has become sort of a hobby. I'm even considering going "natural",,,, but that would be a big deal for me because I would no longer be able to perm my hair. But we'll see.

Have you ever had a bad hair experience? Anyone ever cut your hair the wrong way? Let me know. Share your hair story.


  1. Of all people, you know I can RELATE. I think me wearing the weaves and wigs was just a long phase for me. I am now happy with my own hair. After getting the short cut (this time around), I decided to let it grow out. I would love to natural too Meeka. I am totally thinking about it. I think I just put in my last relaxer two days ago. Let me know how your progress is and I will do the same. -VW

  2. I love all of the styles that you were, for me the ponytail brings our your sleek style and the curly braid weave your sassy Manhattan girl look.

    Regarding my hair experience, the same brooklyn salon gave me a wake up call. I went this African American woman who informed me that the style I wanted was simple and she could do it without a problem. A perm, simple updo or large bun and a bang,the bang would have a piece added for length, sewn or glued. She decided glue would work best, one track to be exact. After she fussed and fumed over the bun not been large enough and asking for support of customers that maybe I should have purchased another pack of her and so on.. Well long story short. When I washed my hair a few days later the entire front fell out. I had hair before I went to the salon so please explain why I didn't after. The RAGE!!
    I went to a friend who braided hair for a living. When I showed her my hair her mouth went open!! The few pieces that she could gather in the front she was able to sweep across my forehead, creating a beautiful style. So beautiful, another human being could not detect the mass destruction underneath. This nightmare hurt me to the core,I had to make myself think positive and day by day I grew stronger. I had to be because I have a family to support and if my knees buckle who knows. I would only bend to God and he saw me through. I trust only a select few with my hair. I have permed again and I now know that your haircare is in your hands!! Never be afraid to ask questions, give input or simply say stop, I didn't ask you to go that far. It is your beauty that the world sees, never let anyone take that away from you.

    Tameeka, I commend you for sharing and giving the opportunity for feedback.

    P.S. Venita is one of the few that I will let in my hair world. Thanks V


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