Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Good Hair Word Search Puzzle

In my continued celebration of "Good Hair" the movie.
I came up with a word search puzzle. I've always loved word searches.

This one is called: Things you should know about Black Lady Hair.

I had a really good time putting this puzzle together. Searching for all of the celebrity hair styles, the hair greases, products, wigs, everything!

Here are 26 terms that describe popular hair styles and products/instruments used mostly for and on black hair.

I've had most of these hairstyles or know relatives who've had these styles or used a flat iron or this particular hair grease.

This puzzle will be fun for everyone!

Print it out. See if you can find all 26 words.

I'll post up the answer later this week, with a list of what the terms mean and what some of the products are used for.

Big thanks to Artist Chris Cortes for helping me with the graphics on the puzzle.

~Good Hair Word Search Puzzle~

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