Friday, October 2, 2009

Trailer Fridays - October 2nd, 2009

The other day I watched "The Machine Girl" on Netflix.

I really enjoyed this Japanese Action movie. It was not meant to be a comedy but I fount myself laughing over and over at the ridiculous props that were used to kill people.

Here are my 3 Favorite Scenes from the movie.

The Tempura Arm - This really made me giggle. You should watch the movie just to see how Ami's arm gets fried.

Pin Head - This scene where a guy gets nails hammered into his head is quiet funny also. (One would imagine it to be gruesome but not at all).

Chainsaw chop - This scene wasn't as funny as it was silly. Asami is lethal with her chainsaw hand.

I recommend this movie if you like Japanese action or girls in uniforms kicking ass. It's fun to watch and you'll be sure to chuckle. It has been compared to Planet Terror but in my opinion it's a lil more fun and less sexy.

I read somewhere that there's a sequel to The Machine Girl called Shyness Machine Girl - I can't wait to check that one out!

In the mean time check out the trailer for The Machine Girl

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