Monday, December 28, 2009

Sleepy Monday's

Happy Holidays ...


Happy Sleepy Monday!

This pic was taken in Flushing Queens.

I wonder what caused this??

Was it the cheeseburger or should he blame it on the alcohol?

*If you don't see what's going on here... I will be more than happy to zoom in for you

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Live Music: Corrine Bailey Rae

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a performance by Corrine Bailey Rae at Joe's Pub.

All of the songs she performed were soulful and deep. She has an amazing voice and I love the fact that her crowd was mature and sophisticated. I had a great time.

After doing a bit of research on her I became even more impressed not only by her talent and music career but by her strength and ability to write, perform, and tour. In 2008, Corrine's husband was found dead in a friends apartment from an accidental overdose of methadone and alcohol. Her husband Jason Rae was a fellow musician, he played the saxophone with her on occasion. (the photo below is of her and Jason)

Here' a quote from Corrine about her soon to be released album titled The Sea.

I managed to record a song of Corrine's at Joe's Pub. Check it out.

Click here for more history on Corrine Bailey Rae

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Puerto Rico Graffiti Tour Video Part 6 of 6

Here's the 6th and final installment of Cortesnyc's Puerto Rico graffiti tour.

Check it out. It's a cool mural, I was really impressed with the art work and the footage.
(And if you haven't watch the other videos in this series click here: Cortesnyc's Puerto Rico Graff Tour Videos)

Monday, December 21, 2009

2 Wrongs Don't Make A Right

Here are 2 videos that I came across that are just plain ole' wrong.

#1 - Yesterday a few hundred people gathered in the streets of Washington DC to have a snowball fight... During the "fight" some kids threw a few snowballs at an undercover cop's car he got out with his gun .... why black man why? What happened to Christmas spirit?

#2- Oh damn now the computers are racist. Some black guy and his white co-worker discovers that the new HP webcams are racist. Check out the vid to see.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

America's Obssession w/ "Pumping It"

In American Pop Culture the word "Pump" is commonly used.
Here's a time line showing 22 years of "Pumping".

1987 ----- Eric B & Rakim release the hit single: "I Know You Got Soul"

At 0:27 the term "pump up the volume" is used.

1987 (Later that year) ----- a Grammy nominated recording group named M.A.R.R.S. released a hit song called "Pump Up The Volume" .

They "sampled" Eric B & Rakim's phrase from the "I Know You Got Soul" song and turned their remix into an international hit.

1988/1989 ----- Saturday Night Live airs a recurring sketch called "Pumping Up with Hans & Franz". In the sketch, Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon played a pair of muscle-bound Australian jocks who mimicked/spoofed Arnold Schwarzenegger by using padding for fake muscles, gray sweatsuits, weight belts, and Austrian accents.

1989 ----- Sneaker company Reebok released their latest sneaker hit: "Reebok Pumps"

The Reebok Pump was a line of athletic shoes that was extremely popular. It was the first shoe to have a internal inflation mechanism that regulated the pressure in the air cushion. The advertising campaign for the original shoes used the tag line "Pump Up, Air Out"

1989/1990 ----- A music group named Technotronic released the international hit "Pump Up The Jam" Although the lyrics were written and the vocals were sang by artist Ya Kid K on "Pump Up The Jam", Technotronic had the blue-lipped fashion model Felly perform in the video.

It became an unexpected international smash, eventually hitting #2 on the American Hot 100 charts in late 1989/early 1990, becoming the first ever house record to break through to the pop mainstream.

1994 ----- Mc Hammer drops the "MC" and just becomes Hammer and releases a single called "Pumps in a Bump"
The video for "Pumps and a Bump" generated a great deal of controversy because it depicted MC Hammer in speedos and what appeared to be an erection. Some argue that the "Pumps in a Bump" video was the main factor in unraveling MC Hammer's career.

Hammer - Pumps In A Bump
Uploaded by klmbaby. - Music videos, artist interviews, concerts and more.

1998 ----- Dance music duo The Black & White Brothers released a song titled "Put your hands up" (Pump it Up) - The song was later remixed and made popular by Belgian artist Danzel. (The lyrics in this song and Danzel's are 99% the same).

2003 ----- Rapper Joe Budden releases a summer hit titled: "Pump it Up"

2004 ----- A Belgian techno/house dance musician named Danzel releases a hit song titled: "Pump it Up" (The lyrics are exactly same as The Black & White Brothers song "Put your hands up" - Pump it Up)

2005 ----- Black Eyed Peas releases a song titled "Pump It" it heavily incorporates music from the Dick Dale version of the song "Misirlou" (known by many for being featured in the Quentin Tarantino movie Pulp Fiction).

2007/2008 ----- Jessica Simpson promotes her hair extension line called "Bump up the Volume"

2009 ----- MTV airs a reality television series that follows eight housemates spending their summer on the New Jersey Shore. The reality series illustrates the "fist pumping" gesture and it's growing popularity amongst young people and in entertainment.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Cartwheels & Va-Jay-Jays

Last night I had the pleasure of watching the latest episode of Jersey Shore AND live chat about it. Thanks to PatriceC and about 15 others I was able to vent about the absurd happenings.

Of course there was fist pumping... and my favorite scene was not the black screen which replaced Snooki getting punched in the face! But it was the shore guys "beating up this song"... lol

But this post is not about fist pumping. It's about Snooki doing cartwheels and her showing off her va-jay-jay... I bet the editor of the show had a great time blurring out her lady junk.

If you didn't see it... check it out... (thnx dlisted)

And check out this news report showing the punch.

MTV we don't need you to air the punch... it's all over the internets and the news! haha..womp womp

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sleepy Monday's

Good Morning All.
Happy Sleepy Monday....
This photo was taken on an express Main Street bound 7 train. The train was so crowded and I was so close to this man I just had to snap a photo.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa Con NYC 2009

Yesterday two of my friends and I participated in Santa Con. Everywhere we went everyone kept asking us "what are you guys doing? what's going on?"

For those of you who still wonder why myself and thousands of other New Yorkers were dressed as Santa's yesterday here's a proper explanation:

I had blast! I'm really glad I participated.
I was amazed at how many people were dressed up and it was a pleasant surprise to see how many new yorkers were just so happy.

Along the way Patrice, Angie and I made a few food stops. My favorite stop of the day was to the Peanut Butter & Co Sandwich Shop. I got to try the
"Elvis" - that's peanut butter, bananas, honey and we added bacon. It was delicious.

And my favorite stop of Santa Con was in Washington Square Park where we were surrounded by hundreds of Santa's and everyone started dancing and singing Purple Rain.

The funniest parts of the night started when we spotted Santa's at various places. We saw Santa's having Thai, Santa's eating falafels, Santa's eating pasta, Santa's in CVS, and Santa's having wine.

I had such a good time, the weather wasn't bad, and any time's a good time when your with friends.

I hear the Boston Santa Con is next week. (If it's not too cold and you live in Boston just go!) Check out the main site for info: SantaCon

Here are some photo's I snapped and a few video clips of the day.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

What's your Jersey Shore Name????

The cast of Jersey Shore have some pretty hilarious nick names (self proclaimed I bet) like:
Jenni “J-WOW”, Mike "The Situation", Nicole “Snooki”, Angelina "Jolie", Sammy "Sweetheart", and DJ Ronnie D.

Now you too can have a wonderful name just like the one's above???

Try the Jersey Shore Nickname Generator....

It's cute ... it's fun ... try it out .... I did.... (here's a screen grab of my Jersey Shore name)

~ T--Cat... meow!!!!!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Fist Pump

Everyone is talking about the new reality show; Jersey Shore.

Just in case you are out of the loop do know that all of the hubbub is about one of MTV's typical reality show set up's where the production team puts a handful of 20'something years old's in a decked out living space filled with booze for about 2-3 weeks.
The difference with this show is that it takes place in New Jersey and the entire cast consist of "guidos" and "guidettes".

When I saw the trailers for the show I didn't think anything of it until I sat down yesterday and watched an episode and what made it even better is that next week one of the female characters getting punched in the face at a bar over a drink .... I know it's horrible to want to see a female get punched in the face but this train wreck of a situation needs to be watched. If you haven't seen the punch or you just want to see it again (before the show actually airs) check out this nice .gif file that I came across today on SNOOKIE GETTING PUNCHED GIF

Now......... the face punch is entertaining to me but not as much as my first time seeing some one do the "Fist Pump"...

Through out my years I must have seen some one at club "fist pump" but I guess I never seemed to pay attention to it until now and I think the fist pump is hilarious. Jersey Shore has opened up my eyes to this phenomenon. And now I totally understand the purpose of the song "Pump it Up" by Danzel ... oh goodness everything is coming full circle now.....

I've been trying to find fist pump videos and can't find much... I did find this Talk Soup clip though

*If you have any great fist pump vids please tweet it to me:

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Favorites: Christmas Songs

Out of all the Christmas songs ever played on the radio my favorite one is Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee. I can't remember the first time I heard this song but it just helps move along my Christmas spirit.

Here's a Sim's/CGI type of video (it's a lil strange that they don't fee the baby lol)

And in my other searches for the song.. I came across a girl on a stripper pole in front of her Christmas tree just twirling away. I was hoping that she would fall on her head but she didn't. At one point you see her pet sitting near the tree kind of watching her. Oh ho! ho! ho! I guess she's "rockin around the Christmas tree" literally.

Pole Dancing - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree - The top video clips of the week are here

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sade's Back!!

After a 10 year wait Sade has finally released an album.

Soldier of Love was released today.

Have a listen to the first single, Soldier of Love.

From the sound of it I guess she kept her old band members. Her voice is so soothing.... Wooohooo for new music! This holiday season is looking bright!

Bad Tiger, Bad Kitty

Oh goodness... here we go... more Tiger Woods news... this morning a blond lady was taken from his home on a stretcher, with the help of another blond lady (how many blonds does this man have in his house?) The press believes it's his mother in law but it still could be his wife or one of her friends. I hope this will not turn into another OJ situation.

And what happened to the super star that we all knew? The first "black" golfer to succeed and represent us "blacks" well. (ohhh please)

Now that 10 different women have spoken out to the press that they've had affairs with him, he's seeming like every other black pro athlete.

Shame shame shame on Tigre.

I wonder if Tiger has ever showed the chocolate ladies love?

If you haven't heard the whole story check out this report ... the best part of the video is CGI Tiger..

To find out more click on the photo above or this link: Tiger - Rarrrrr

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

TV's got me!

For a good year and a half I stayed away from watching television shows.
But, recently I've been watching a ton of tv and I am in loved with the Travel Channel.

My two new favorite shows are "Meet the Natives" and "Man vs Food".

Meet the Natives is a documentary style reality show about 5 men from the island of Tanna (South Pacific) who are given mini-dv cameras and are flown to Montana, New York City, Orange County, CA, and Illinois. These men go to America to spread their message of peace, being that they come from a small island that thrives on being happy. It's a good concept and I hope a lot of people get a chance to watch the show. It's interesting to see how they react to hunting, holidays, food, snow, and pop culture. From doing a little research 5 other men were chosen a few years ago and sent to the UK to meet with Prince Philip and I don't think that meet-up worked out so well. Hopefully these guys get to meet Obama (which will be unlikely) but I'd like to see it. Here's a "sneak peak" of the show.

Man vs Food is a reality show based on an actor and "food enthusiast" named Adam Richman. He travels the US eating the biggest and spiciest foods made. I enjoy the fact that Adam is from Brooklyn -- its so funny - his accent, his gestures, i love it! The first episode I watched he was able to eat the spiciest wings ever made!
It was pretty funny seeing him sweating...
Check out a clips below..... one is of the suicide wing challenge, and the other is of the spicy tuna hand roll challenge.
*And for those who have Netflix you can watch full episodes of Man vs. Food season 1

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