Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bad Tiger, Bad Kitty

Oh goodness... here we go... more Tiger Woods news... this morning a blond lady was taken from his home on a stretcher, with the help of another blond lady (how many blonds does this man have in his house?) The press believes it's his mother in law but it still could be his wife or one of her friends. I hope this will not turn into another OJ situation.

And what happened to the super star that we all knew? The first "black" golfer to succeed and represent us "blacks" well. (ohhh please)

Now that 10 different women have spoken out to the press that they've had affairs with him, he's seeming like every other black pro athlete.

Shame shame shame on Tigre.

I wonder if Tiger has ever showed the chocolate ladies love?

If you haven't heard the whole story check out this report ... the best part of the video is CGI Tiger..

To find out more click on the photo above or this link: Tiger - Rarrrrr

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