Friday, December 18, 2009

Cartwheels & Va-Jay-Jays

Last night I had the pleasure of watching the latest episode of Jersey Shore AND live chat about it. Thanks to PatriceC and about 15 others I was able to vent about the absurd happenings.

Of course there was fist pumping... and my favorite scene was not the black screen which replaced Snooki getting punched in the face! But it was the shore guys "beating up this song"... lol

But this post is not about fist pumping. It's about Snooki doing cartwheels and her showing off her va-jay-jay... I bet the editor of the show had a great time blurring out her lady junk.

If you didn't see it... check it out... (thnx dlisted)

And check out this news report showing the punch.

MTV we don't need you to air the punch... it's all over the internets and the news! haha..womp womp


  1. best part of vid clip is shhnooky gettin on the dude's shoulders and givin him the ole SwampNeck.


  2. Amazing. Simply amazing. Aww ... what is wrong with me? Why do I keep watching this show?

  3. @theblackguywhotips nothing is wrong w/ you. its simply entertaining
    @cortesnyc ewww lol she's very hobitlike

  4. the only thing that would've made either of these clips better would be if Snooki were eating a pickle! This show makes Tool Academy or Rock of Love look like classy Emmy contenders....gotta love MTV

  5. Totally ridiculous!!!! She has no shame. Thanks for making me laugh though Tameeka. Love your blogs!!!!


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