Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa Con NYC 2009

Yesterday two of my friends and I participated in Santa Con. Everywhere we went everyone kept asking us "what are you guys doing? what's going on?"

For those of you who still wonder why myself and thousands of other New Yorkers were dressed as Santa's yesterday here's a proper explanation:

I had blast! I'm really glad I participated.
I was amazed at how many people were dressed up and it was a pleasant surprise to see how many new yorkers were just so happy.

Along the way Patrice, Angie and I made a few food stops. My favorite stop of the day was to the Peanut Butter & Co Sandwich Shop. I got to try the
"Elvis" - that's peanut butter, bananas, honey and we added bacon. It was delicious.

And my favorite stop of Santa Con was in Washington Square Park where we were surrounded by hundreds of Santa's and everyone started dancing and singing Purple Rain.

The funniest parts of the night started when we spotted Santa's at various places. We saw Santa's having Thai, Santa's eating falafels, Santa's eating pasta, Santa's in CVS, and Santa's having wine.

I had such a good time, the weather wasn't bad, and any time's a good time when your with friends.

I hear the Boston Santa Con is next week. (If it's not too cold and you live in Boston just go!) Check out the main site for info: SantaCon

Here are some photo's I snapped and a few video clips of the day.

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