Friday, January 1, 2010

10 things that make me happy

Happy New Year!! I look forward to much more blogging, much more socializing, and creating more videos.

A lot of bloggers seem to be posting resolution lists.... I'm not about resolutions, I'm more about self exploration so I've decided to do a list of things that make me happy (instead).

I got the idea from someone's blog and the instructions were to make a list indicating "10 things that make you happy" and tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day.

10 Things that make me happy:

#1 - My Computer .. I've had her for about 4 years... we've been through a lot...

#2 - Bubble tea ... it's a delicious tea beverage with tapioca balls in them,,,, the first time I tried bubble tea I didn't like it.. but after my second try I was hooked.... I even have a vip card for my favorite bubble tea house

#3 - Three-Hour Hindi Musical Romantic Comedies... It may sound torturous but I get so happy watching these movies... all of the situations are so unbelievable but the music and dance scenes are just lovely

#4 - Dumplings .... I can always eat dumplings... they are just delish (as a matter of fact last week I just had shrimp and corn dumplings in Flushing for $3.00.. they are delish and just so cheap .... that's too much yum for one person)

#5 - Television Series... I could stay at home and watch an entire season of a tv show... my latest show that I managed to catch up on is Dexter.... I have a habit of finding a tv series that's in its 4th or 5th season and I love the thrill of watching a season back to back.

#6 - A well put together ipod/iphone playlist .... A good song list can get you through anything

#7 - Being in good company ... there are a few people that I really enjoy being with .... and I always seem to have a great time with them... here's a lil photo montage of the usual suspects

#8 - Podcasts..... My two favorite podcasts that always make me smile are Keith and The Girl and Distorted View Daily

#9 - Cupcakes ... I just love cupcakes ... who really hates cupcakes? Here's a pic of the cutest cupcakes I've ever seen...

#10 - New electronics... When I purchase a new electronic devise (phone, keyboard, mouse, harddrive) I get so happy and spazzy ,,,

10 Blogs/Blogger That Always Brighten My Day:

  1. Cortes Creates "Black Book" Blog
  2. Hell and Heartaches
  3. The Art of Paigey
  4. The Creativity of John Smalls
  5. I Heart Chaos
  6. Gizmodo
  7. Maggots and Tenderloin
  8. Restaurant Girl
  9. Tattoo Blog. ORG
  10. Jezebel

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  1. Dawwww!!!! Thanks 'Meeks!! ~__^ Here's to another year, Scorpio Sister! Hiss!


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