Sunday, January 10, 2010

Taco Hunter: Taco Tasting #1

On my walk home from the gym I decided to stop at a restaurant on 38th street named: Taco's Mexico.

Here are my likes, dislikes, and grade of the tacos:

What I Ordered:
(1) grilled chicken taco
(1) beef taco

The taco's were filling.
They were not too messy.
The service was fast.
The chicken was seasoned very well.
I love the fresh cilantro.
The avocado mixed with the chicken was delicious.

The steak was overcook (some pieces were a bit charred)
The restaurant was kind of empty - I expected it to have more people being that it's in a popular location and they have a pool table in the restaurant.
The cashier was not friendly or helpful. She was way too preoccupied by 2 other customers that were walking out without paying for their meal.

Taco Grade: C+

Note: I do not recommend the steak taco, it was chewy, over cooked, I couldn't even finish it. I can not see myself going back here for tacos.

I'm still taking recommendations on where I should have tacos.
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  1. I don't know if that's fair to take away points because they were worried about a walk out customer. That shit is really distracting.

  2. There were 2 waitresses waiting to pounce on the guys that were about to run out. The cashier needed to focus on how much money I was giving her.

  3. If ever you find Yourself in Forest Hills, There's a spot on Austin St. Called Cinco Burros, Yum.


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