Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Introducing: The Meetles

The other day on my way home I had the pleasure of watching a cover band called "The Meetles" perform.

The Meetles are a Beatles and 60's cover band. They were very entertaining and managed to attract a big crowd down at Herald Square.

The performance I recorded was a cover of "Roll Over Beethoven". This song is a cover of a cover. It was a hit song back in the 50's and recorded by Chuck Berry, then in 1963 the Beatles covered and recorded this song being that it was one of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrion's favorite songs.

Check out The Meetles live, The Beatles Cover of Roll Over Beethoven, and then the original by Chuck Berry.

The Meetles cover The Beatles cover of "Roll Over Beethoven"

The Meetles from Tameeka Time on Vimeo.

The Beatles cover "Roll Over Beethoven"

Chuck Berry's Original Song - "Roll Over Beethoven"

If you want to find out where The Meetles are playing go to their website or check them out on Facebook: The Meetles.com


  1. Hi Tameeka,

    Thanks so much for recording the band! It's great to see all the dancing going on!

    Meetle Steve

  2. As a fan of the Meetles for several years..I appreciate the post Tamika! What kind of Camera did you use? Flip?

  3. Thanks for writing this blog on the evolution of Roll Over Beethoven! It was interesting to see it from that perspective. The Meetles' YouTube site is the MeetlesVideos channel, and website is www.Meetles.com.

    Meetle Maggie

  4. i am a master blaster fan of the meetles---when i catch them at 42nd street, i just can't get enough of them. they are phenomenol. i hope to catch them tonight. they are so talented, yet so calm. each and everyone in the band are extremely awsome.



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