Monday, February 1, 2010

Pretty Girl

For the past few months I've been exploring Flushing Queens.

I love the little dumpling shops, and bubble tea houses but there is one store that stands out to me and it's Pretty Girl.

Pretty Girl is located right near the main train station and all of the locals can see all of the "club style" clothing they sell.

I feel like this store is out of place, being that there are lot of family oriented shops on Main Street why is this store in such a prime location? - it just spills trashy club scene.

Is this the Jersey Shore crowd that shops here? Maybe I'm wrong but it's quite funny to see silver and gold zebra print stretch pants hanging on the walls and lingerie in the front display windows.

I'm not trying to "hate" on the store but it should not be near a Game Stop and 2 Bubble Tea shops.

The other day I decided to go inside and see what Pretty Girl had to offer and see who shopped and owned this location.

Have you ever been to a Pretty Girl? What are your thoughts on the store?

My Flushing "Pretty Girl" Visit from Tameeka Time on Vimeo.


  1. Pretty Girl in the Bronx is the bottom-bottom-bottom of the barrel. The clothes are disposable. In Junior High you got made fun of for wearing Pretty Girl clothes, they actually break while you are wearing them.

    It's super cheap, mega-trasho, club gear. But I'll buy socks there when I have to. >_> <_<

  2. Ahahaha my favorite part of the entire video is hearing Patrice laughing in the background. Love it.

  3. Uhm yeah...pretty ghetto!

    I recognized Patrice's voice too :-D

  4. Em & Kizzy, that's not the wonderful Patrice, that's my homie Chris :-/


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