Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Throwback Favorites

This morning I had one of my Pandora playlists running in the background while I worked and 2 of my favorite songs came on from back in the day.

I got overly excited and decided to blog about these 2 songs.

The first song is from 1997 and it's "I get lonely" by Janet Jackson. I still heart her. Even after all the drama, and bad career moves. I still think The Velvet Rope is a great album and I hope she starts making some more noteworthy music. Check out the video.

The second song is from 1999 and it's "Angel in Disguise" by Brandy. As of recent I have not been interested in any of Brandy's new songs but I will never forget her 1998 album titled Never Say Never. It also had the unforgettable duet with Monica titled "The Boy is Mine" .... I must have listened to the album as a whole hundreds of times. Every love song just got me.
Here's the music track for Angel in Disguise and I also posted up The Boy is Mine video.

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