Friday, March 26, 2010

Raisin' Hell

Once again I had the opportunity to film and edit another art video for the multi-talented Christian Cortes.

In this video Cortes interprets famous images from the popular horror film Hellraiser.

This project was even more special because we got a dj involved w/ creating the music for the video.

The featured track was created by Pagan Society. (T-WreXX and 2Nen Bladez)

I mentioned Dj T-WreXX before on posts called Rockin' w/ The Best. He's the producer for the group.

Check out some of their work, they're amazing, they always knows how to get a crowd moving. Dj T-Wrexx Monsta (Pagan Society).

I'm very proud of this video and the production.

I hope you enjoy it.

Also, if you'd like to purchase a poster of this image check out Chris Cortes' online store (Click the image to purchase the poster):

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