Thursday, July 8, 2010

Photo of the Day #8 - 07.08.10

Photo of the Day #8 - 07.08.10

Today was a great day! The temperature was perfect outside... I guess the heatwave is finally over... just in time for the final World Cup game this Saturday and Sunday... by the way I'll be watching the game in Astoria at the beer garden if anyone wants to join me...
But besides that today I got to enjoy a delicious 1 scoop cone of Plum Crunch custard from the Shake Shack.

I love that place. I think I just love that you can get a burger and some wine in the park.

I do enjoy checking out and trying each months custard flavors. I really want to try the "blueberry custard" ... but it will only happen if I go into the city.. womp!

This month's flavors are:

Monday - Strawberry Pistachio custard
Tuesday - Sweet Corn custard
Wednesday - Boston Cream Pie custard
Thursday - Plum Crunch custard
Friday - Mud pie custard
Saturday - Blueberry custard
Sunday - Peaches n' Cream

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