Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bed Intruder

As everyone knows ... the latest meme to hit the web is "The Bed Intruder" .... with in a few days Antoine Dodson has become a "celebrity".

Basically Antoine scared away a man who tried to rape his sister (Kelly Dodson). The possible rapist was actually an intruder and snuck into Kelly's window.

Since the news clip hit the air, people have been going crazy over it. There's an auto tuned remix and now it seems that people are doing Bed Intruder Song Covers... lol wow

Here's the original Huntsville news clip followed by the song and then the covers of the song.

Bed Intruder Original Clip:

Bed Intruder Song:

Bed Intruder Song Cover (guy w/ guitar)

Bed Intruder Song Cover ("bit intruder)

Bed Intruder Song Cover (on a traditional Japanese shamisen)

Bed Intruder (Afua cover it R&B/Neo soul style)

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