Tuesday, August 10, 2010

She doesn't like beards... I guess..

The other day, one of my favorite podcasts; Distorted View played a song track from a South African lady name Majela “Zee Zee” Diamond.

The song that was played is simply titled: 'tickle my vagina' ... and from his hilarious description of her... I had to look up the video. A few key words that made me giggle were "I'm the queen of ___", "no bearded men" and how "promiscuous" she is..



  1. If I get my ass kicked for laughing at this at the library and the man across from me thinks I laughed at him, you will to blame.

  2. The mister looked at me sideways while I cried laughing and when it ended, promptly said, "What the hell was THAT?"OOOOF!


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