Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wedding Sundays

For the past few months, I've started a tradition (unknowingly) of watching wedding shows on Sundays. WE (women's entertainment) television station plays back to back episodes of Bridezilla and David Tutera's My Fair Wedding.

It was only until last weekend when I discovered how much I am a fan of Mr. David Tutera.

Before the show My Fair Wedding I knew nothing about this man.

Mr. Tutera is a celebrity wedding planner and a bridal fashion designer.

I absolutely love how he transforms ordinary weddings into magical dream weddings.

Last Sunday, someone twittered that David would be doing a live chat. So, I had to go on and try and talk to David.

I have no immediate plans of getting married but I just wanted to reach out to him and I nearly flipped my lid when he answered one of my questions in the live chat. Out of all the girls that sent David questions, he answered one of MY questions....

I took a screen grab of his answer... I asked David what were his thoughts of destination weddings. It was amazing how many ladies had wedding related questions.

If you have a chance to watch one of his shows it's totally worth it.
I love that he chooses to help out women who seemingly do not have lots of money and make their wedding dreams come true.

Here's a clip from one of my favorite episodes of My Fair Wedding.

This bride Sheena really did not have an idea for her wedding. When David asked her what she wanted she said "Gaga (Lady Gaga) and Beyonce".

In the full episode David Tutera transformed the wedding as well as the bride, I started noticing the the bride dressing more like a classy lady and easing off of the bright pink lipstick :)

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