Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Night Beat Down

I guess people are feeling feisty around Halloween...

First there's a straight up hair pullin' "beat a chick down" match in McDonald's ....

Then poor Jersey Shore reject Angelina get's jumped in a Staten Island Hot Topic store ... lol!! womp womp!

Click the photo below to read the NY Post article on Angelina...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Crazy Old Lady on the train

Everyone knows that I am intrigued by train station incidents.

A special thanks goes to Venita for sending me this clip.

This crazy older lady kicks another woman and throws her hands up to a man.

She's either crazy or drunk for sure... I'm just happy that other people on the train helped out...

The video's kind of long but the kick happens at/around 1:59 ...


*And this did not occur on the A train I think it was the F!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sleepy Monday's

Girl...... I'm tired too....
At least your still fashionable.... sleeping with your sunglasses on .... work it!

Location: Manhattan Bound 7-train

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tameeka Time at the New York Comic Con 2010

This past Sunday I attended the 2010 New York Comic Con.
It was a blast!
I met so many people and got some really cool (free) comics.
Check out the video I put together of my experience at the Comic Con.

Location: Jacobs Javits Center
Date: October 2010

Shot by: Chris Cortes (cortesnyc)
Edited by: Tameeka Ballance (tameeka time)
Music by: Mauricio Lizcano

Special Thanks to:
Chris Cortes - Cortes Creates
Hugo Bravo - Bravo Illustrations
Chuck Collins - Rat Ronin Studios
Keith Miller - Rat Ronin Studios
Paige Pumphrey - Girls Drawin' Girls
Melody Severns - Girls Drawin' Girls
Alice Meichi Li - Girls Drawin' Girls
Fenny Lin - NYCC
Elisheba Israel - Tight Gear Designs / Sugar Plum Kitty

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trippin Tuesday

Ever since Mariah Carey took that fall last week.... I've been on a mission to collect video clips of our favorite celebs falling while performing... check out what I've got so far... and if you have any others I'll feature it next Tuesday.

Alicia Keys Falls
Pregnant and all...she falls backwards.... FALL @ 0:04

Katy Perry
This poor girl just kept on falling and falling...
no one told her to have all that cake around .... FALL @ (The whole damn video)

Jasmine Sullivan
I love her music but this falls funny as hel...
She was working it too ... lol .... FALL @ 0:32

Girllll....... slow down....
FALL @ 0:04

lol! I remember seeing this on tv ...
I can't believe she denied falling.. silly goose .... FALL @ 0:10

oh damn you wheel chair Jimmy....
I had to put you on the list ..... FALL @ 0:34

50 Cent
LOL!! This is just funny ... FALL @ 0:10

Rick Ross
I don't even know how this man fell
FALL @ 0:22

Michelle (Destiny's Child)
LOL! This clip will always crack me up ... poor Michelle got no help
FALL @ 0:03

Lady Gaga
I love me some lady gaga but damnnnnn
FALL @ 0:15

I saved the best for last...
Beyonce fell down a bunch of steps right on her head...
Too many lolz in this video.... FALL @ 0:26

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sleepy Monday's

Ohhhh.... I guess this guy was at the NY ComicCon this weekend...
me too mister.... I feel just like that....

and that's why I'm going back to sleep.... Happy Columbus Day ya'll... keep on sleepin'

Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Friday

I know Friday's are considered "casual" days in the office ... but Levi Jeans took it to a new level with their jean based onesie.

Check it out...

Yes ladies and gentlemen the shirt is sewed to the pants... you can purchase them here:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mariah Down


I know I'm a few days late but here's some video footage of Diva Mariah Carey falling down during a concert in Singapore ... the fall wasn't the funny part ..... it's the way her back-up dancers struggled while picking her up.

I feel so bad for the people that have to work for her ........... especially the girl who had to take off of Mariah's shoes.

I guess Mariah's preggers.... no one told her to be on stage with giant heels.

My Top 3 - Ne-Yo songs

The other night I was watching Dancing with the Stars and I was pleasantly surprised to see R and B singer/writer/producer Ne-yo performing.

I can not stand his face ... and he's got a crazy mama but he can write and sing a hit song!!!

Here are my top 3 Ne-yo songs. These 3 songs always gets me dancing.

#3 - "Closer"

#2 - "Miss Independent"

#1 - "So Sick"

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kelis - Scream 3-D Music Video

Kelis is back on the music scene and even though I haven't really gotten into her latest work this song "Scream" is growing on me...

"Scream" is the 3rd single from her 2010 album Flesh Tone

What do you think..... Hot or not??

***This video is in 3-D... (Red/Blue 3D glasses needed but not necessary) .

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sleepy Mondays

I know.... I was the same way.. minus the blue coat.

Happy Monday... falls here ya'll!

Location: Manhattan bound M train.

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