Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trippin Tuesday

Ever since Mariah Carey took that fall last week.... I've been on a mission to collect video clips of our favorite celebs falling while performing... check out what I've got so far... and if you have any others I'll feature it next Tuesday.

Alicia Keys Falls
Pregnant and all...she falls backwards.... FALL @ 0:04

Katy Perry
This poor girl just kept on falling and falling...
no one told her to have all that cake around .... FALL @ (The whole damn video)

Jasmine Sullivan
I love her music but this falls funny as hel...
She was working it too ... lol .... FALL @ 0:32

Girllll....... slow down....
FALL @ 0:04

lol! I remember seeing this on tv ...
I can't believe she denied falling.. silly goose .... FALL @ 0:10

oh damn you wheel chair Jimmy....
I had to put you on the list ..... FALL @ 0:34

50 Cent
LOL!! This is just funny ... FALL @ 0:10

Rick Ross
I don't even know how this man fell
FALL @ 0:22

Michelle (Destiny's Child)
LOL! This clip will always crack me up ... poor Michelle got no help
FALL @ 0:03

Lady Gaga
I love me some lady gaga but damnnnnn
FALL @ 0:15

I saved the best for last...
Beyonce fell down a bunch of steps right on her head...
Too many lolz in this video.... FALL @ 0:26

1 comment:

  1. omg my eyes teared up at drake and his stupid pants down below his ass too as he was bein carried out!! 50 cent and rick ross were hit by the hand of god.. their falls are soooo funny and unexplainable. lmao.. the destiny child one was hysterical.. the girl in the middle just glanced down and kept struttin.. and jazmine sullivan was trying to strut soo hard she slips up ... that was hysterical. great great post.. cant wait to see how many you can gather for trippin tuesday part2 . -Cortes


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