Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Rap" Beef - McHammer vs Jay Z

I don't usually condone violence/"beef" in the rap/hip world but I'd really like to hear some battle tracks between Jay Z and MC Hammer..

The other day Jay Z spit some lyrics on one of Kanye West's new tracks titled So Appalled. "Hammer went broke so you know I'm all focused," "I lost 30 mill so I spent another 30 / cos unlike Hammer / 30 million can't hurt me." (heard at 2:30)

MC Hammer heard about the track and twittered: "The answer to Jay comes on Oct 31,"

He then released a diss video called "Better Run Run"

I'm kinda of glad that Hammer responded to Jay because this rap war is going to give me something to laugh about for days...... My only issue is ,,,,, every time I think of MC Hammer I think of "Pumps in a bump" (see video below) **I mentioned this song in a blog post from Dec 2009 titled: "America's obsession w/ pumping it"

MC Hammer - Pumps in a Bump
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